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SWBS Fly In Policy

Reg & Cancel

Hospitality Rm




To all hosts of a Southwest Bonanza Society Fly-in Event

Thank you for hosting an event for SWBS. This packet has been assembled to help you with your hosting.

1. The location, agenda, and estimated cost of your fly-in must be approved by the
SWBS President or Vice-president.

2. Fly-in events will be financially independent.
A. The SWBS will not normally reimburse hosts for cost overages. Exceptions may be by the SWBS Board of Directors in the case of unusual circumstances.
B. An accounting of the actual revenues and costs of the event shall be given to
the SWBS Treasurer within 30 days after the event.
C. Funds in excess of the actual cost of the event shall be given to the SWBS Treasurer within 30 days after the event.
a. The intent of the SWBS is for fly-in events to be revenue neutral or generate a small overage. If the overage from an event is determined to be excessive by the SWBS Board of Directors the SWBS Treasurer will issue partial refunds to the event attendees.

3. Hosts will determine the cost per person for the event, and notify each member (with the assistance of the SWBS Secretary) via an email containing details and costs of the event and a registration form for the event.
A. It is expected that the hosts will use due diligence and good business practices when determining costs for their event. It is recommended that the hosts add
20% to variable costs to cover contingencies.
B. Event expenses for which advance payment at the time of registration for each attendee include, but may not be limited to the following:
a. Transportation during the event.
b. Entrance fee to all scheduled sites.
-:c. Meals included in the registration fee. Alcoholic beverages consumed
during these meals are the responsibility of the individual members
unless specifically included. d. Hospitality room if provided.

4. The SWBS Secretary will assist the hosts in emailing details and a registration form
for the event to individual members, and will also post event details and a registration form on the SWBS website.

Registration and Cancellation Policies. A separate sheet explaining these policies in full is included in this packet. The policies are available for members to read on the SWBS web site. A statement that the SWBS Cancellation Policy is in effect should be written at the bottom of your event flyers, advertisements, and the registration form in bold letters.

Hospitality Room Policy. Hosts need to determine if a hospitality room will be provided. A separate sheet describing the hosts responsibilities for the hospitality room is included in this packet.

Hosting an event is not hard. With a little effort you can have a successful event. Hosting is not a competition; please don’t try to outdo the ones before you. Hosting can be a very rewarding experience where you share your city, or one of your favorite places with your fellow SWBS members and friends.

Any of the SWBS officers or directors will be glad to assist you any way they can.



1. Attendees are to pay the full registration fee for multi-day events 60 days in advance (unless otherwise specified by the hosts) by a personal check made payable to the hosts and mailed to the address shown on the registration form.
A. For single day events where fees are required the fees are similarly paid 45 days in advance.
B. For free single day events paid for by SWBS the SWBS may require the hosts to charge a $10.00 “good faith” registration fee per attendee to be paid by personal check payable to SWBS and mailed to the hosts 30 days in advance of the event. This fee will be refunded in full if the registrants attend the
event. If the registrants do not attend the event, or fail to cancel in accordance to the SWBS cancellation policy the fee will be retained by the SWBS.
C. Registration periods may be extended at the discretion of the hosts.
D. Attendance at some events may be limited to a maximum number of attendees because of facility, transportation, and/or other limitations. The order in
which the registrations are received will determine who is able to attend.



1. Full refund is authorized to any attendee unable to attend if notice is provided to hosts
30 days prior to the event.

2. Partial or full refund, as determined by the hosts, is authorized if attendee cancels 15 days prior to the event.

3. No refund is normally authorized if cancellation is made less than 15 days prior to the event. An exception to this may be made at the sole discretion of the hosts in the event of death, injury, illness, or other catastrophe.

4. If an entire event is cancelled because of severe weather or catastrophe the SWBS Board of Directors will work with the event hosts in an effort to refund as much of the registratiorf fee as possible.



Hospitality rooms at multi-day events have proven to be very popular. The hospitality room gives us a chance to relax and visit with our fellow members. Individual hosts will determine if a hospitality room is viable, and the times it will be open.

The hospitality room may be a hotel/motel room (suite or meeting room if possible)
where the majority of the attendees are staying, or at a separate location.

Most previous hosts have provided beer, wine, and sometimes liquor for the hospitality room. This is not a requirement, and is at the discretion of the hosts. If alcoholic beverages are not provided the host will include a message to this effect in the registration information so that attendees who desire may BYOB. The hosts are expected to provide soft drinks, water, snacks, ice, disposable cups and plates, etc.

The hosts will include all costs associated with the hospitality room in the registration fee.






                                         ARTICLE I – OBJECTIVES


The objectives of the corporation (hereinafter called the “Society”) shall be:


  1. To promote and encourage education and instruction in the operation and

maintenance of Beechcraft Bonanza and Baron (including Debonair and                                                                                                                               Travel Air) aircraft.                     

  1. To cultivate friendship and sociability among members.



                                              BOARD OF DIRECTORS


  1. Powers.   Except as otherwise required by law, or provided by these bylaws

the management of the Society, its property, and affairs shall be vested in its

Board of Directors.

The Board may from time to time propose to the general membership for

ratification action on matters upon which members are entitled to vote.  This

shall be accomplished by a Board resolution submitting the matter to the

general membership by email or postal mail.

The Board may also, on matters not requiring membership approval, submit

questionnaires to the general members to determine the preferences of the

membership and aid the Board in its management function.  The results of such

a referendum shall be advisory in nature and not binding on the Board.


  1. Number of Directors.   The Board of Director shall consist of seven members,

at least two (2) of which are from the State of Texas, elected from and by the

general membership of the Society.


  1. Term of Directors.   The regular term of each director shall be two (2) years.

Each term shall commence immediately following  the Annual Meeting of the

membership held in the year of election and terminate two (2) years hence.

Each director’s term shall be sequenced so that at least one (1) and no more

than three (3) directors shall be elected in any one year (exclusive of filling



  1. Vacancies.  The Board may fill any vacancy occurring on the Board by reason

of death, illness, disqualification, resignation, or other than regular  expiration,

and such person shall serve for the unexpired term of the directorship vacated.


  1. Qualifications.   Each director shall be a member of the Society in good

standing.  Each director shall be a certificated pilot, and/or be a Beechcraft

Bonanza or Baron owner or lessee, in whole or in part. Each candidate for

the Board of directors shall agree in advance to serve as an officer of the

Society if so chosen at any later date.  Members who have previously served

as officers or directors are eligible to serve again after a one (1) year absence

from the Board.


  1. Nominating Committee and Membership Nominations.  The Board of

Directors shall appoint a Nominating Committee at least three (3) months

prior to the Annual Membership Meeting consisting of three (3) members of

the Society, no more than one of whom shall be a current member of the

Board.  The Secretary shall notify the membership by email that

nominations are being accepted.  The Nominating Committee shall consider

any recommendations made by the membership.  The Nominating Committee

shall thereafter nominate one candidate for election to each directorship

expiring at the next Annual  Membership Meeting, and certify such

nominations to the Secretary at least thirty (30) days prior to the Annual

Meeting.  The Secretary shall notify the membership by email of the nominees.

Nomination of candidates for each expiring directorship may also be made by

means of a Membership Petition for Nomination in accordance with the

following procedure:

                        (a)  Statement of nomination containing the name of the candidate, address

of residence, and a short biographical sketch.

(b)  At least 12 signatures of proponents of the petition who are members

of the Society in good standing, each followed by printed name and

address of residence.

(c)  Affidavit of the person being nominated that he or she has been

contacted by the nominators and has agreed to become a board member

if elected.

(d)  Such nominations will be closed twenty (20) days prior to the Annual



  1. Election.  In the event that no nominations of candidates have been made by

the membership no ballots shall be prepared or mailed , and the nominations

certified to the Secretary by the Nominating Committee shall be considered to

have been duly elected by the general membership.

If an election is required the Board of Directors will prepare a ballot, and

the Secretary will provide the ballot via email to each member in good

standing at least fifteen (15) days prior to the Annual Meeting.  Ballots shall

be marked and returned to the Secretary via email prior to the Annual Meeting,

or presented at the meeting.  Expiring directorships willed be filled in

accordance to the number of votes each nominee receives.  The Secretary

shall report and certify the results of the election to the membership via email

and by publication in the Society Newsletter no more than ten (10) days after

the election.


  1. Unanimous Consent Action. An action may be taken without a meeting of the

Board of Directors, or of any committee thereof, provided that prior to such

action a written consent is signed by all members of the Board or committee,

and the consent is made part of the minutes of the Board, or is certified in

writing to the Board by the committee.  Email shall be an acceptable method

of providing written consent.  Telephone polling of the Board or committee

members resulting in unanimous opinion shall suffice to permit immediate

action provided the written consent or certification is compiled as soon as



  1. Meetings.  The Board of Directors shall meet at the call of the President, or at

the call of any five (5) of its members, and shall meet at least once annually.

Four (4) of the current Directors shall constitute a quorum.  Written notice

of each meeting shall be provided via email by the President or Secretary to

all Board Members at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting unless waived

in writing by all Board Members.  The meetings shall be conducted in accordance

with Robert’s Rules of Order.


  1. Compensation.  The members of the Board of Directors shall not receive any

pay for their services.


  1. Committees.  The Board of Directors may establish committees composed of

Board and/or Society members to advise and assist the Board.




  1. Election. The officers of the Society shall be a President, a Vice President, a

Secretary, and a Treasurer, at least one of whom must reside in Texas.  The officers

shall be elected by the Board from among the members of the Board immediately

following the Annual Meeting for a term of one (1) year.  The officers elected shall

assume office and begin serving their term immediately following their election.  No

director will be eligible to be President until having served at least  one (1) full year

of  a regular term as a director.  If any office becomes vacant during the year the

Board shall select a replacement from among its members to fill the unexpired term.

Officers may be requested to serve an additional term or terms by unanimous

approval of the Board of Directors.


  1. Duties. The duties of the officers of the Society shall be:


President.  The President shall be the chief executive officer of the corporation.

He/she shall preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors, and at all meetings of

the members.  However he/she may designate any member of the Board of Directors

to preside at any such meeting.  In his/her absence, should he/she have failed to make

such a designation, the presiding officer at any such meeting shall be the Vice

President, Secretary , or Treasurer in that order.  He/she shall be in charge of the

general business of the corporation, shall execute contracts on behalf of the

corporation, and shall see that all orders and resolutions of the Board of Directors are

carried into effect.  He/she shall be an ex officio of all standing committees, and shall

have the general powers and duties of supervision and management usually vested in

the office of the President of a corporation.


Vice President.  The Vice President shall, in the absence or disability of the President,

perform the duties and exercise the powers of the President, and shall perform such

other duties and the Board of Directors shall prescribe.


Secretary.  The Secretary shall make or cause to be made a record of the proceedings

of all meetings of the Board of Directors.  He/she shall give notice of all meetings

herein provided for, shall have in his/her charge the master membership lists of

current members for use in determining those members entitled to vote, shall email

any or all ballots, and shall have other duties as may be determined by the Board of



Treasurer.  The Treasurer shall have custody of the Society’s funds and securities,

shall keep or cause to be kept a full and accurate account of the receipts and

disbursements in books belonging to the Society, shall collect and mail all dues

notices by email or other means determined by the Board, shall deposit all monies and

other valuable effects in the name of and to the credit of the Society in such

depositories as may be designated by the Board and take paper or electronic vouchers

for such disbursements, and shall render to the Board of Directors monthly an account

for all transactions as Treasurer, and of the financial condition of the Society.




The President and Treasurer shall have access to all corporate financial accounts.  The

Treasurer shall ordinarily perform all financial transactions for the Society.  In the event

the Treasurer cannot perform his/her duties the President shall perform the Treasurer’s

duties until such time the Treasurer can resume his/her duties or a new Treasurer is selected.


                                    ARTICLE V – REPORT OF OFFICERS


The President and Treasurer shall each submit to the membership at the Annual Meeting

a written report of his/her conduct of the Society’s business with respect to his/her office

during the past year.  The Treasurer’s report shall be in sufficient detail to present a full and

accurate accounting of the financial operations and the financial condition of the Society.




  1. Geographical Area. The geographical area of the Society as authorized by The

American Bonanza Society is comprised of the States of Arkansas, Louisiana, New

Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.  Interested parties outside of this area may also join.


  1. Qualification – Dues All persons interested in the objectives and purposes of the

Society shall be eligible for membership.  The membership of the Society shall consist

of new and existing members who have been received into membership upon making

application and have paid the current year dues as established by the Board.

The Board of Directors may designate and appoint persons as Honorary Members of

the Society, with or without voting privileges as determined by the Board.


  1. Members in Good Standing. Members whose dues are currently paid, and whose

membership has not otherwise been revoked are members in good standing.


  1. Revocation of Membership. Any member whose conduct at any SWBS event is

deemed unacceptable by the Board shall  be advised of this by the President.

Further similar conduct at any SWBS event shall be cause for immediate revocation

of membership.


  1. Membership Meetings. The Annual Meeting of the members shall be held during the

period beginning April 1 and ending June 30 each year.  The date and location of the

meeting will be determined by the Board.  Written notice of the time and place of the

Annual Meeting shall be made by email to all members in good standing no less than

fifteen (15) days and no more than forty five (45) days prior to the meeting.

  1. Special Meetings.  The Board of Directors may call a special meeting of the

membership.  The notice of such meeting, in addition to the items specified

above, shall specify the objective thereof and no business except as designated

in the notice shall be transacted.

  1. Quorum. At all meetings of the membership ten percent (10%) of the total

membership present and entitled to vote constitute a quorum.  If less than a

quorum is present the meeting may adjourn without notice.  Any business on

the agenda of the meeting may transacted at a subsequent meeting.


  1. Business – Regular or Provisional. If a quorum of the general membership is present

at the Annual Meeting or Special Meeting a majority of such members may vote to

take certain actions on which the members are entitled to vote, and such actions shall

be effective and binding on the Society.

  1. If less than a quorum of the general membership is in attendance a majority of

the members present may vote provisionally to take certain actions on which

members are entitled to vote.  The Secretary shall, as soon as possible but no

more than ten (10) days after such meeting submit the provisional resolution

to the membership by means of ballot emailed to those members entitled to

vote at such meeting.  The provisional actions shall become effective if the

majority of the general membership votes to ratify and approve such actions.


  1. Matters Entitled to Vote . A member in good standing of the Society shall have the

right to vote as described above on the following matters:

  1. Election of Directors
  2. As provided by the laws of the State of Texas, the Articles of Incorporation,

and the Bylaws of the Society.

  1. To amend the Articles of Incorporation or the Bylaws.
  2. To dissolve and/or reorganize the Society.
  3. Any matter submitted by the Board of Directors to the general membership

for ratification, approval, or referendum.

  1. To recommend by resolution to the Board of Directors that it take action on

specific matters within its management function.



 The Southwest Bonanza Society is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation

in the State of Texas.  The official address of the corporation must be in Texas and must

be the address of an officer of the corporation.  The official  records of the corporation,

together with the charter and the seal shall reside with said officer at the official address.

The aforementioned  officer shall be designated by the Board of Directors and changed

as the term of the officer expires.




The Bylaws of the Society may be amended by the majority in attendance at the Annual

Meeting, or at a special meeting called for this express purpose, plus any proxy votes

received by Secretary provided this majority constitutes a quorum and provided that the

proposed amendments have been published and sent to the general membership via email

at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting.